Let’s see lower Bay!


As posted on Steve Munro’s website (a great site by the way – all about transit in Toronto), the TTC is going to be diverting subways along the Bloor/Danforth line at Bay south to Museum by-passing St. George and reconnecting back up on Spadina.

This, my friends, is thrilling.

I’ve always heard of the ellusive lower Bay station. It’s been used for years as a movie set that can be made up to look like a Manhattan subway station. For the longest time I thought it had been built, but never used, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered that when the line first opened, there actually were subways that used this system. The trains running east / west could also change to lower Bay and run north south … go figure. This also explains those signs in all the older stations that say “Next Train” – usually with Kipling as the next station. This never made sense to me as I always thought the train only went to Kipling if going west and only went to Kennedy if going east. But it makes sense now that the option for the trains to go north / south has come to light.

I think there should be a party … someone (like newmindspace maybe?) should organize a sort of tour for people with handouts about the history of this hidden subway station and then we all get on and take the train and ooo and ahh over as we turn down the tracks and pass through a little bit of history.

The diversions will happen for six weekend starting February 18 and lasting until March 31.

A part of me wished they still did, purely for the fact that I always wanted the subway lines to be more integrated than they are, just a little more complicated like New York’s subway or London’s … but not really because I like the simplicity of our system … although I wouldn’t complain if it was more extensive.

There is a lot to say about my love / hate, but mostly love, relationship with the TTC … so I will leave this here and continue on later with more thoughts and comments.


4 Responses to Let’s see lower Bay!

  1. haha, we are flattered that you thought of us, but i think we will leave it to the true transit geeks.

    it’s too bad this doesn’t line up better with the Old Token’s Last Ride: then we could combine them into a funeral for the old token, a welcome for adam giambrone and the first trip past Lower Bay.

  2. i write says:


  3. zigs says:

    yah i was there today the trains were drivng threw it was really cool i recomend you pass threw, they cleaned all the graffiti though 😦

  4. Blair F says:

    Really?! Cool. I was going to try to go through, but i ended up going south to Union for another reason. I heard they’ve closed from Broadview to Spadina – or something like that – and are running buses … which kinda sucks.

    I’ll try and check it out tomorrow – do they slow down enough for you to get a good view?

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