Hungry? Grab a Sandwich Box!

Sandwich Box logoOn my second day back at work this week, I took a walk down the street to Queen and John to one of my favourite places to grab a quick, healthy, and delicious lunch – Sandwich Box. After the first bite, I completely fell in love with this little unassuming eatery all over again.

If you haven’t tried Sandwich Box yet – you don’t know what you’re missing.

Located at 238 Queen Street West in that little food market across from the CHUM City building, Sandwich Box offers something for everyone. According to their website, their philosophy is: “…to offer healthy, fresh and quality food.” And they do deliver. The produce is always fresh, they have a great selection of cheeses to choose from, the chicken and salmon (I don’t eat red meat, so I can’t vouch for the entire meat selection) are always delicious, and the bread comes fresh daily from ACE Bakery … mmm mmm good!

The great thing about Sandwich box is that the food is prepared for you to your taste right there. For the base price, you can choose up to 5 selections to create your sandwich. The choices include a spread, a cheese, a vegetable, meat and of course, a bread. The sandwiches are expertly created, grilled slightly and placed in a non-descript white box which includes a lovely little side salad – all for the low price of $7.35 (I think … and that’s including tax!).

My favourite sandwich to create is as follows:

  • Multi-grain triangle bread
  • Basil-pesto spread
  • Grilled chicken
  • Roasted sweet red peppers
  • Bocconcini cheese

For those of you in a rush, they do have pre-made sandwiches to grab and go with. And for those who aren’t in the mood for a sandwich, they do have a wonderful salad bar with a wide variety of ingredients to choose from! Just a warning, you pay by the weight of the sandwich and it can be slightly deceiving if you don’t take into account the weight of all the toppings you’re placing in your order – as I discovered one day! You must also try their daily soups which are prepared fresh on the premises … the soup du jour can be found on their website, along with all the ingredients so you can pre-plan your sandwich for the day – or even week!

I had such a wonderful experience reacquainting myself with Sandwich Box on Wednesday that I went back on Thursday … and will continue to go back for the best sandwiches in Toronto!


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