It’s a miracle …

Okay, maybe not necessarily a miracle in the traditional sense of the word, but, it’s a small victory – how about that?

The TTC is listening!

Adam Giambrone, the TTC’s newly appointed chair, is turning to the online community and the many fans of Toronto’s tranist system to ask how the TTC can improve its website!
Hallelujah! This news broke the day after I posted my rant about the TTC’s lack of any design sense.

In the new year, Robert Ouellete of Reading Toronto, sent this challenge to Adam and the TTC:

We have a challenge and an offer for the TTC: Toronto bloggers are more than willing to offer their insights into how the TTC site might be designed (look at the reaction to a proposed route map). Why not give us a call and ask for our input. We’d be able to go to our readers for their ideas too. This makes sense to us and takes advantage of the “Wisdom of Crowds,” phenomenon the Internet provides.

And the TTC listened. Adam informed Robert that the TTC has already sent out an RFP for a site redesign, but that he likes the idea of public input. SO! Here’s your chance to have your say. The Torontoist, BlogTO, Spacing Wire and Reading Toronto are gathering your comments which they’ll cull together eventually and send off to the TTC. They’ll also be tracking the TTC’s progress to make sure they stay on target …

I have a feeling we’re entering a new era of TTC service … how exciting!


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