Moving into the 21st Century …

This is just a quick note before the boyfriend and I watch Chicken Run (I love this movie) – but on my way over to his neck of the woods, I took the Wellseley bus and to my elated surprise, I was greeted each stop with the voice of the new TTC GPS Woman AND an LED sign indiciating the name of the upcoming stop!


I heard about this idea being tested on the Bay bus about a year ago, and I’m very excited to see this initiative moving forward.

I know I’ve blogged about the TTC a lot lately, but I’ve got a lot to say (apparently) and there are a lot of changes happening to our beloved transit system right now … mostly good things thus far. Keep it up!

Now, if we could maybe make the TTC GPS woman just a bit happier when announcing the stops … one step at a time I suppose. 🙂


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