Thinking Big About Culture-led Regeneration …

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Artscape Launches Vision 2011: Thinking Big About Culture-led Regeneration
at Canadian Urban Institute Leadership Forum

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, Artscape, a non-profit enterprise regarded as a global leader in the field of culture-led regeneration, co-presents an Urban Leadership Series session of the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) entitled The Path to Culture-led Regeneration: Who’s Leading the Way? on ThursdayFebruary 15, 2007 from 8am to 11:30am at the Joseph Workman Auditorium.

The session comes at a particularly relevant time, as recent OMB rulings on the Queen West Triangle illustrate what happens when condominium development is the driving force of regeneration. The Path to Culture-led Regeneration session will illustrate how creative city builders and developers can work together to make cities and communities livable, prosperous and competitive.
Tim Jones, Artscape CEO, will chair an expert panel addressing the tools, strategies and resources Toronto needs to build creative advantage; how cities can integrate creativity into their planning process and how developers can be constructive players in city building.

Jones will also launch Vision 2011: Thinking Big About Culture-led Regeneration, Artscape’s road map for the next five years. “The challenge Toronto and other cities are facing is how to translate new understanding about creativity as a central driver of growth, change and transformation into effective strategies and tangible projects on the ground that build the arts and creative sectors,” stated Jones. “Artscape is at the most important crossroads of our 20-year history. Vision 2011: Thinking Big about Culture-Led Regeneration outlines how Artscape will respond to the urgent needs of Toronto’s artists and creative entrepreneurs, fulfill a role as a major player in city-building, and enhance our position as a global leader in the field.”

Under Jones’ direction since 1998, the non-profit Artscape has grown from a Toronto-based affordable space provider for artists into an international leader in the culture-led regeneration of communities. Its work includes anchoring creative communities within affordable spaces and building authentic and dynamic places by connecting creative and cultural resources. In 2007, Artscape will work on more than 25 projects, programs, plans, strategies and initiatives that aim to unlock the creative potential of people and places.

The Ontario Government recently announced $3million towards the development of the Green Arts Barns, a project that Artscape manages. Other major achievements at Artscape have included: the creation of Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts on Toronto Island, the revitalization of the Distillery Historic District, the blossoming of Liberty Village as an arts hub, the Queen West Art Crawl, two iterations of the Creative Places + Spaces Conferences, the introduction of the Creative Clusters Development Program, a major research study on the spillover effects of investment in cultural facilities, the development of an international consulting practice, and the launch of a new charitable foundation.

After Jones presents Artscape’s Vision 2011, he will chair the panel consisting of keynote speaker, New York-based author of The Living City: Thinking Small in a Big Way and Cities Back from the Edge: New Life for Downtown, Roberta Brandes Gratz and:

Don Eastwood,
General Manager, Economic Development, Culture, and Tourism, City of Toronto
– What tools, strategies, and resources does Toronto need to build creative advantage
Ken Greenberg,
Principal, Greenberg Consultants Inc.
– How cities can integrate creativity into their planning processes
Margaret Zeidler,
President, Urbanspace Property Group Ltd.
– How developers can be constructive players in city building

Creativity and innovation are recognized internationally as the keys to making cities livable, prosperous, and competitive in the 21st century. Copies of Artscape’s Vision 2011:Thinking Big About Culture-led Regeneration will be available at the session.

Artscape and the Canadian Urban Institute present
The Path to Culture-led Regeneration: Who’s Leading the Way?
Artscape CEO Tim Jones Chairs and Launches Artscape’s Vision 2011

Keynote speaker: Roberta Brandes Gratz;
Panelists: Don Eastwood, Ken Greenberg, Margaret Zeidler,
Thursday February 15 from 8am to 11:30am
at the Joseph Workman Auditorium, 1001 Queen St. West
Tickets: $99.00 for CUI members; $125.00 Non-members
For online registration:;
For questions on registration: call 416-365-0816 ext. 234


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