March 1, 2007

March certainly came in with a bang this year … it took a while to get home on the TTC, but it wasn’t too bad until I got off at Castle Frank and literally had to throw myself out of the subway because there were so many people squished in and the chimes were going and the door was closing and … well, I’m sure we’ve all experienced that at one time on the TTC. Those new subway cars can’t come fast enough!

When I finally got home – after walking from the station because the traffic was SO bad on Bloor, Parliament and even down below in the valley, there was no way a bus was going to be coming any time soon – I had to come out with my camera and shoot a few photos from around the area. Below are a few of those shots.

Snow day 1

Snow day 2

Snow day 3

Snow day 4

Snow day 5

Snow day 6

Snow day 7


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