Finally saw Lower Bay!

I missed it last weekend, but today, I finally got to see Lower Bay Station! If this makes me a geek, then so be it, but I was acutally really excited about it. I was coming home from the bf’s place and had to make my way across the Bloor/Danforth line from Spadina to Castle Frank. Ergo, I had to transfer at Museum and take the Eastbound train from there. I decided I’d try and get a seat at the front of the train and watch the whole travelling through the tracks into the station and back out to Yonge Station.

I wasn’t the only one that had that thought.

There were a couple of parents with their kids, a few people with cameras at the ready and folk like me just really curious to see what it was going to be like. One mother narrated the trip for her son as we travelled through the “ghost tunnel” and into the “ghost station” etc. It was pretty cute.

We went through the station … and ended up at Yonge. It was all over in a matter of minutes but I did have a bit of a smile on my face the whole time. It’s a little piece of lost history in the city that has certainly been blown wide open in the past few months with all the talk going on about it. And soon we’ll all be able to walk through it as the TTC has announced that they’re opening up Lower Bay to the public for the first time in about 40 years during Doors Open Toronto sometime in the spring. That’ll be pretty exciting.

Here are some videos to look at:


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