because it’s tough as hell to swim in empty pools?

Gathering at Nathan Phillips Square
Wednesday, September 19th
4 – 6 PM
please circulate widely

On WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH, 4-6PM we are calling on ALL MEMBERS OF THE ARTS COMMUNITY AND ANYBODY ELSE to convene at NATHAN PHILLIPS SQUARE to make it clear that we will not tolerate cuts to our essential services and that we support the Land Transfer tax.

IT’S URGENT: the councillors will be meeting on the 20th to discuss this and we need to show our city officials that we are organized and strong in numbers and that we are horrified by the city’s deteriorating quality of life.

Please show your concern by attending WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th!
because it’s tough as hell to swim in empty pools.

please circulate widely

If you have suggestions for speakers, activities or want to help organize please contact:
Heather Haynes –
Darren O’Donnell –
Lisa Pijuan-Nomura –

– the land transfer tax is a one-time 2% cost payable only when you choose to buy a house; if implemented it will avert large annual property tax increases payable each and every year
– first time home buyers will receive a rebate for the land transfer tax
– only 6 cents of every tax dollar you pay goes to the city. The remaining 94 cents goes to the provincial and federal governments.


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