It’s been a long time …

Who knew starting your own business would suck up so much time and energy!?

I sure didn’t.

But I’d like to get back into this blogging thing and try and write at least one entry a day. They may be short, but I think it’ll be a good exercise for me to also get back into the habit of writing – something that I do miss (and considering I studied it in school, I figured I should maybe do it outside of writing e.mails).

So I thought one way to get myself up and going again would be to write about a discovery I’ve made, big or small. That’s part of the reason for this blog, right? When you explore, you discover.

Today, I discovered my love of Hibiscus Organics in Kensington Market thanks to my friend Alexis who introduced it to me.

One word describes this place: Delicious!

It’s a small restaurant with a few places to sit and eat or take out. Today I had the salad and soup combo. The salad includes a wide range of bean, grain and veggie salads – all different tastes to wet the palette – and comes in a easy to transport container. The soup is a veggie medley which is perfect to warm the soul. Plus you get an organic rice cake with a tamarind-type (I’m guessing on this one) spread. And all for $7.50! It’s a steal!

They have delightful looking cookies such as pistachio and cranberry which are all vegan-ready. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is calm and inviting.

If you need a quick bite and you’re around the market, you must try Hibiscus Organics!

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2 Responses to It’s been a long time …

  1. Shannon says:

    yay, glad you’re back! My mouth is watering from Edmonton…will definitely check this place out when I am back.

  2. Blair F says:

    Thanks Shanzie! You definitely should check it out … looking forward to your return!

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