Hot desks! Get your hot desks here …

I rent a desk at the Centre for Social Innovation at Queen and Spadina. It’s an amazing space chock a block full of interesting organizations and people working here such as Spacing Magazine, Remarkk!, VoCA and the Creative Trust.

The space is incredibly community oriented (anyone can come on up to the 4th floor and grab a cup of organic coffee with organic milk and sugar), relax on the couches or book one of the many board rooms for free. They’ve even created a health plan for us tenants here so those of us who work alone have the chance to be healthy without paying an arm and a leg. I especially enjoy being surrounded by so many eco-friendly, design oriented, like-minded people whom I can turn to at any given moment and ask for assistance with a question, grab a bite to eat with, or share an interesting tidbit of information.

But one of the most interesting concepts that is relatively new to Toronto, is The Workspace Commons. Recently launched here at an event with Mayor David Miller, City Councilor Adam Vaughn, NDP MP Olivia Chow, and former Prime Minister Paul Martin in attendance, The Workspace Commons is described as such:

“The Centre for Social Innovation provides part-time workspace and shared services in a beautifully restored warehouse space @ Queen & Spadina. Whether you are a small volunteer group that just needs a place to meet, a social entrepreneur in early start-up or a seasoned professional looking for a place to greet clients and check email between meetings, CSI is a place to make connections, find synergies and work together to change the world.

All members access a full suite of office services and amenities including high speed internet, photocopying, faxing, mail boxes, meeting rooms, shared kitchen and reception. But the magic is in the synergies and connections that are sparking social change everyday!”

This space is ideal for anyone who doesn’t need a permanent full time desk space but needs access to amenities such as board rooms, kitchen facilities, e.mail access (free wifi and ethernet access!), phone lines, photocopier, printer etc.

CSI is pushing forward to try and make more people aware about this amazing opportunity. It’s pretty groundbreaking for Toronto. So if you’re looking for a space like this, or know someone who is, check it out! Or just drop by for a coffee … 🙂

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