Text Refashion is looking for YOU!

A good friend of mine is putting together the second installment of “Text Refashion” which launched quite successfully last year at The Gladstone Hotel. It was a fantastic evening of art installations on the second floor of the hotel. More is explained in the details below. I know the deadline is today – but I’m sure you could probably slip in a submission.

(Hope Mike doesn’t kill me for saying that) 😉

Even if you don’t submit, this is definitely something worth checking out when the next installment takes place!

Call for submissions

Skinny Jo Productions is seeking artists of all disciplines to submit for a chance to be part of the collective of SJP’s 2nd TEXT refashion.  In April 2007, SJP held TEXT refashion: Project 1 at the Gladstone Hotel with major success, and now we are ready to hit the 2nd project with full force.

TEXT is a conceptual art/media project that encourages artists’ off every medium to find inspiration through words and art as a whole.  The concept is simple and unique:  Through 1 chosen piece of text, 10 artists’ will express the text’s message through their art medium and will be given 2 weeks each (in sequence) to create the text and the art that preceded them as they see fit.

We are seeking visual and performance artists, writers, designers, and beyond. Beyond can be chefs, carpenters, fashionistas etc?

Your deadline to submit your interest is MARCH 20, 2008

We are also seeking those interested in marketing, producing and funding.

Please contact:
Michael Soulard

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