Calling all transit enthusiasts …

I am a self-proclaimed transit enthusiast. I am fascinated by urban transit; how it works, the vehicles used, how engaged the public is with their transit system. While I can’t speak for other cities, I know for certain that the Toronto Transit Commission has a huge cult following in the city. There are tons of great blogs and magazines about our system including Steve Munro’s tranist blog, Spacing Magazine, and Transit Toronto to name a few …

And then, a group of people got together and created something called Transit Camp. One of those people, Mark Kuzniki is a colleague of mine at the Centre for Social Innovation and just announced a project which arose out of the momentum of Transit Camp: Metronauts. is an open community of people from across the sprawling greater Toronto region who care about the future of their cities. Metronauts are explorers of the future form of our cities and the role transportation has in our lives.
The first event for Metronauts is another, you guessed it, Transit Camp! It will take place on Saturday April 5, 2008 at the MaRS complex. Here’s a little description of the event:
What is a Transit Camp? It is a style of unconference, where participants create the content of the sessions throughout the day. The event structure is open and fueled by participation. Propose a session on a topic you’re passionate about and engage your fellow participants in conversation. Participation can also mean active listening, and recording of sessions, but there are no observers.
Participants are asked to sign the Metronauts Pledge as a commitment to help create a positive environment for everyone.
If you’re interested in registering for this Transit Camp, you can do so through their registration page.
Congratulations to Mark and all those involved. I think this will be the start of something very interesting in Toronto … and will probably spread to other cities very shortly!

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  1. Eloquation says:

    Metronauts: Getting People Excited About Transportation

    Frequent topics of conversation with strangers: the weather, the time, the fact that it’s still snowing in April, the reason the bus is always late.
    If you’re one of those people that loves bemoaning traffic, public transit, bike access, an…

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